Post 5 – What an effective tool

June 2022

Time goes so fast and I always recall the topics I learned during the training pieces. One of the most important things that I learned is that after the training, we have to commit ourselves to implement each new topic in our daily life and businesses. That is how I implemented PCA (Pocket Chart Analysis), which I learned during 7 days of training.  Now I feel that at last, the path of wisdom has opened. Before, whenever my husband asked about the expenses, I always escape because I never ever kept a record of my income and expenses. Therefore, I argue a lot with my husband due to not keeping any records.  It was too difficult to manage the food for one month because I never tried to check the expenses; which expenses should I continue and which expenses should I minimize. Through this PCA exercise, I learned it and started to minimize the unnecessary expenses on the same day. Before, whenever guests came to my home, I used to buy varieties of food by taking loans. Now I have minimized and do not buy varieties of food. And when I visit my relatives, I don’t buy stuff which I cannot afford it. Nowadays we sit together, discuss income and expenses, and make a plan. We are both aware of our income and expenses and now we do not have arguments. Seeing my positive changes, I am very much satisfied and happy.

I update my business PCA and personal PCA regularly. I can see clearly the situation of my business. We are all aware that times are changing but the difference now is that it is in our hands to make positive changes, which we have learned during the training.