Post 6 – The new rules are holding me back

July 2022

It is understandable to have profits or losses in the business. I thought about this and did my best to have more profits in my business. However, the city I live in has developed new regulations for street businesses. It mentions that the street businesses are mismanaged, has created havoc in the mobility of people and vehicles, and are against the regulation. The authorities say that they are trying to manage all the street businesses bringing them within the regulation and have banned such businesses. With this, I have not been able to continue my business as I do it in a cart and move around the streets.

The municipality office has allocated certain hours a day where we can operate our businesses. However, with 2-3 hours a day, my business is suffering losses, hence I have halted my business right now. I have the skills and capacity, but it has just been 6 months since I started my business and I have not enough resources to move into a permanent space.

I remember well that during the 7 days of training, we had discussed the possible challenges that might come in our business. This knowledge has come into use in finding the solution. I have already identified a place where the municipality does not have such restrictions. 2-3 days from now, I will be back with my business.

In this situation, I have regularly been discussing with my husband looking for other possible solutions and am having plans as well. From all those plans, we have decided that panipuri, Chatpate, (it’s a kind of sour, spicy snack.) and snack business is the best one as I have the experience. In near future, I plan to move my business into a permanent space and get it legally registered.