Part 7 – Changes in me through self-assessment

August 2022

With the speed of time, it has been eight months since we joined the WAWCAS program. Time flies so fast – I can’t believe it. During these periods I have been through all ups and downs and succeeded to come across challenges. But it is not easy to overcome the problems and without challenges, I cannot be strong which I have learned during the trainings. While conducting SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis during the 7days of training I thought about why this is needed because I never ever used this tool in my whole life. But through this tool, I am able to identify my strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Identifying my own weaknesses is not easy but honestly speaking I have identified my weaknesses through my past experiences and present situations. I have learned from the SWOT analysis how to change my own weaknesses into my own strength. If I think and plan for my weaknesses to change into my strengths, I need to be alert to my own weakness and then it is easy to change it. With this SWOT analysis, my confidence level has increased. Normally I don’t speak much, therefore I cannot take note of  my thoughts during the meeting and training sessions. I am aware of my rights but it is difficult to share them with others by raising my voice. I always blamed my faith, but later on I realized that’s not true.

I developed the plan with support from Pabitra and practice it as per the plan. Through this SWOT analysis tool, I learned work should be done on time. There is a saying that “A flowing river does not return, time does not wait for anyone”. Hence I should not think that I cannot do it. I learned that I have to transfer my weaknesses into my strengths and should take challenges as an opportunity. Then I will reach the peak of success.

Through SWOT analysis I am able to change my weaknesses into strengths. Now I can confidentially put my thoughts/opinions on paper and raise my voice, and I am able to identify what is right and what is wrong for me. Most importantly I am not thinking anymore that I am a weak person. Therefore changes through SWOT has taken place.