Post 6 – My SWOT Analysis

July 2022

The full form of SWOT is Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. It is an important tool which helps to identify and analyze our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats through a personal, business and group level. For the first time this tool was discussed by Tribina and Pabitra on the 7 days training. It was such a new topic for me. First, I didn’t understand it but after the facilitation of Tribina I was more clear about it. We always judge other people but this time we were supposed to review our self by ourselves. They taught us that we should give ourselves 30 minutes’ time every day and write in the diary which helps to analyze our weaknesses and work on it. We get a chance to identify our strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. The aim of doing this tool is to maximize our positive factors, minimize our weakness factor, recognize, and grab our opportunities and cut out all the threats that affect our personal and business life. This training plays a vital role as a guidance to identify and realize me as a person; why I am here, what are my role and goals?

I was talking with my son at that time Tribina came to my house. I was very happy, and she greets me and ask how am I doing? I used to write my daily activities in my diary, and I was excited to show my diary to Tribina. She saw my diary where I have written my feelings, my daily income and expenditure, my self-review and so on. Before training, I was really quick tempered as a person but after the session of SWOT, I can also feel that I have overcome my aggressive nature.  I never kept the record of my financial activities but now I keep daily records.  I used to judge people very quickly but now I try to understand the related person then I go to the conclusion. We always take these things as granted but never realize how important role they play in our life. Now I believe that “it’s never too late” to change our weaknesses to strength and challenges to opportunities. Tribina told me that she was really happy to see my good changes and she praised me a lot and always motivates me to keep up my good work.