Post 4 – Very Effective Training

May 2022

After starting my business, I was very curious to learn more therefore I was eagerly waiting for IBT training. Well during each training, I lost my 500 rupees profit because I could not open my spicy snack cart. BUT what I learn from the IBT class was very fruitful to change our lives, therefore, I am always willing to participate in the training. Today’s topic was child development Alija ask us what was the most interesting and memorable incident during our childhood? Ah…….. our childhood I can’t remember anything but Alija motivate us to recall it. Finally, I remember that during the Dashain festival I was wearing a nice dress and eating good food when we started to share our childhood memories. Alija requests us to listen to our incident carefully. After that, she again asks us what is the most unpleasant incident during our childhood? In that question, everyone was sharing their bad memories like mothers beating them, scolding always asking them to work always never send to School after that Alija conclude that during our childhood, we loved new observing new things, being loved, and being encouraged. We hated it when we were scolded and beaten. Nevertheless, we still never miss a chance to beat and scold our children. Hence, we should nurture our children with love and affection and not by scolding and beating them up. We looked at each other’s faces no one says just keep silent for a while.

Alija breaks the silence and started the discussion that everyone wants their children to become better citizens. Just because you like them to be a better person is not enough.  It all depends upon how well you behave with them and well you bring them up. What you grow is what you get. Therefore, child development depends on 2 factors:

  1. Care and Affection.
  2. Environment

While Alija was saying those things I am thinking from now I will change my behavior towards my daughter I never ever gave chance to play I commit myself that I will give chance to play with her friends.

I started to listen to how she spent the day and what she learned at the School I also appreciate and encourage her to do things that she is doing. After the training, I feel I have a very good relationship with my daughter.