Post 5 – Simple but very important

June 2022

After becoming the member of a WAWCAS group, I got the opportunity to learn many new and practical things. Today I am excited and curious to learn new things in the training because Pabitra always teaches us new things in the meetings/trainings.

Pabitra started the session with warm welcome and reviewed the previous training. Due to my mother’s sickness, I really have not been able to focus on business and other matters. However, I am very much excited about today’s training. Pabitra reminds us of the issues we have discussed during SSA1 and the indicators we have developed. Pabitra asked us what comes to our minds when we heard the word sanitation. When I heard the word sanitation, I felt like it’s so simple and I know everything about cleanliness. During our discussion, I realized we don’t know so many things about it I know we shall be aware of our personal hygiene, we shall keep our home and surroundings clean, and we have to be aware of hygienic food. During the discussion, I came to realize that personal hygiene is important and also it is important to make our surroundings clean. We also learnt that we should wash the stone grinder after use which we are not doing now.  We also discussed the menstruation period. When we heard the word ‘Period’, all of us felt ashamed and we put our head down. But Pabitra told us that there is no reason to be ashamed. It is a natural process. And she added that we must take good care of our hygiene during our period and we should wash our private parts regularly. She informed us that if we are using a cloth  during the menstruation period we should wash it properly and dry it in the sun. Most of us feel shy to dry it in the sun, but she explained it is very important to do so because the sun rays help to kill the germs and keep us safe.

I commit myself that from now and onwards I will clean my mother’s bed regularly and her room and surroundings as well.


Note:  SSA is Social Situation Analysis