Post 4 – Very Useful Training

May 2022

This was the first training I have ever attended. I was really excited and full of many hopes. I was wondering; what are we supposed to learn at the 7 days training? It is such a long period time, but each day has its specific objectives according to the subject, game, and story. I’m so overwhelmed, where should I start to tell about the training? After staying in the training I realized, there are many things we are doing in our daily life, but not in a managed way. The training was very interesting and refreshing.

I went to the training on time and all the other members were also present. I saw Tribina, Andika and Ganga were presented at the training. They welcomed us and introduced themselves first and then, they made us give our introduction in a very new and unique style. We were supposed to find our partner according to the picture of fruits and vegetables. Normally we introduce ourselves by saying our own name and address but here we were supposed to tell our partners name, address, business of interest, behavior they like and behavior they don’t like. After discussing with our partner, we introduced each other and got to know each other in a better way. There are so many new things we get a chance to learn. We had a lot of group activities which build up our knowledge and ideas. When I present myself in front of other people it helps to increase my confidence level and motivates me to take part in such activities. I love the stories which have hidden massages in it making it easier for us to understand and remember. We got the opportunity to write reports and evaluation of each day which revive our memory of what we learnt in yesterday’s training.

We played many games. Among them I like the color touching game a lot because it teaches us that we don’t have to go far for what we need but if could be inside us. Wse just need to identify it. Then, we learned about importance of group, leadership, saving and loan, effective meeting, market management, interest calculation, swot, time management, business plan, PCA and so on. Each day we learned new things which bring changes in my daily life. After the session of time management, I realize that I should fulfill my responsibility to make my relation strong, according to the goal. To reach my goal, I’ve started managing time for all the relations I have. We should give plenty of time to our business rather than spending our time in unproductive things. Especially, PCA (Pocket Chart Analysis) has changed my life. Before this session I never kept records of my economic circumstances, so I had no idea how much I spend or how much I saved. This never improved my living standard. But now I have started doing PCA which helps me a lot to prevent paying out on unnecessary things. This training assists me to realize myself as a person, I find my strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Therefore, I could enhance my strength, reduce my weakness, grab my opportunities and overcome my threats. At last day of training we received seed money which brought lots of faith in our life and I promised myself to always give continuity to the business and become the successful business women.

Hence, the 7 days training has taught us so many minor things which has a bigger advantage in it. This training is my once in a lifetime opportunity which is really effective. so I’m grateful to the organization and trainers of WAWCAS program.