Part 9: WAWCAS really opened my eyes to the expenditure

I’ve learnt a lot from the 7 days training. My interest was very high throughout the whole training, but my favorite part of the training was “Chuhiney Gagro” (The Pocket Chart Analysis). My knowledge was very small to the subject before we started the training, but after talking with Ram Maya I understood it better. She told me to note my monthly income and expenditure properly, and after that I was really tensed about keeping the monthly record.

A good example is, my daily discussions with my husband about how high my expenditure really is. He gets angry at me and says that I should only buy what’s necessary. Ram Maya, told me to keep maintaining my monthly expenses, so I could keep the record. Keeping monthly record of expenditure could improve the relation among my family members so we can have time and resources for each other. I’ve got better at buying the cheapest things at the local market and I’ve been better asking for the bills even if the shopkeeper wonders my and husband don’t support me.

Mina from my womesgroup told me that not everyone will support and trust me at first. She gave me a good advice about keeping my record by myself in my diary. The problem was that I’m unable to read and write, and then she suggested that I could let my son help me out, even though he declined to help me at first. After some days tracking my expenses, me and my son are more aware about our monthly expenses and knows how to control it.

So now I gladly tell wondering-people why I buy the cheapest things and ask for the bill, I say:

“I’ve started to keep monthly record in my diary and WAWCAS really opened my eyes!”