Part 10: Livestock training boost my business

Four days of livestock and agriculture training has been a very fruitful experience to me. I understood how to improve my business, and that it is very important to use good food for the goats.

I learned:

Many things about goat farming that I did not know before.

About the benefits of goat farming. We can take various profits from goat farming.

About different types of goats, and which types are beneficial for us.

the way of choosing a good “Mother goat” and a good “Male goat”, so that they can produce a good quality of kids.

The local way of measuring the weight of goats before selling them. Before the training I did not know which types of goats are good in our area, and why goats get diseases. I used to treat them by guessing which was totally wrong. Nowadays, whenever a goat gets sick, I always inform Sudesh (Our technical Assistant), and he always comes to treat the goats in time which is very appreciated. Now I know the symptoms of the diseases of poultry and goats and how to treat them by using domestic treatment.

The most interesting part of the training was making mineral blocks which was amazing. Based on the training I always repair my goat shed. Likewise, now I understand the perfect time to feed the goats. I am very grateful to Slisha’s WAWCAS team who helped me to increase the enthusiasm and excitement of my business.