Part 11: Got an Opportunity to Analyze Myself

When I got to know about SWOT analysis for 7 Days training I was surprised. I have never tried to analyze myself so deep. I got to know that every person has their own Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat in their life. While we were discussing the SWOT analysis, I got curious and excited at the same time. I was assured that everyone should Increase their Strength, decrease their Weakness, Grab the Opportunity and Eliminate the Threat.

In every 3 months, while doing this exercise ( SWOT analysis) we got to know more about what strength we each developed, what weakness we decreased, what opportunity we got, and what threat we have. I have strengths like to treat everyone equally, hardworking, to motivate others are some of them and weakness are short tempered, I feeling and emotional which I am trying to be decreasing day by day, which will help me increase my strength. And this helped me find new opportunity in my life.

I’ve learned that we need to face our problems to solved them. Having our own business, we face lots of threats and obstacle, but we should not lose hope and try to move forward toward our goals. Also, we learned to overcome the threats that comes in our way.

This type of exercise helps us become a good and successful business woman and inspiration for others.