Part 9 – Very Fruitful Business Training

October 2022

At first, Namaste to all my readers. Talking about my current situation I am doing fine with my Goat Farming business and new additional Bee Farming Business. Talking about my paddy field, I have finished plucking the weeds for final time with the help of my family and relatives. It was great to see all of my loving relatives after such a long time. I also went to pluck the weeds of my relatives’ Paddy field in return. The paddy will be harvested after the Tihar as the 2nd largest Festival of Nepal is approaching soon.

Today I am going to share about my experience learning on Business Training. At first, I would like to remind you all, that I have received Rs.25000 from Slisha Organization for starting Goat Farming Business right after completing 7-Days of Training. After receiving the loan amount, I bought 2 baby goats and 1 mother goat. I also participated in a 4-days livestock Training organized by Slisha, which helped very greatly to run our business smoothly. Now talking about the Business Training. Last month Sajan asked everyone in the meeting about our business status and how it is running so far. Everyone expressed about how their business has been going so far. Beside goat farming business, my additional Bee Farming business is also going great so far. In the Business Training, at first Sajan reviewed us about booking keeping which we learned during seven days training. We informed him that we should keep the record of all the expenses and income separately so that after comparing both expenses and income we can calculate net income or net loss. After the review, Sajan started to discuss the cash-flow through different business such as goat farming, chicken farming, cattle farming and so on. Comparing the different business with cash-flow, the most profitable business seems chicken farming as in every 45 days the product can be sold which helps to generate good cash-flow. He also explained us about the different decomposed and undecomposed products. The decomposed products which are generally used in eatery and grocery such as vegetables, fruits and other raw materials should not be kept stock for a long time. It should rather be sold on time. This process helps to control and prevent the waste of products, which helps to generate more income in our business. Another very useful technique that we learned in this Business Training was advertisement. The different types of advertisement such mouth to mouth, notice on chart-paper, hooding board etc. plays very vital role to inform and attract all the customers. The grocery and eatery business should be established and generated in a place where the traffic is very high. We should also clean up and take good care of our place, regarding good hygiene, since the customers’ first observation would be the places’ hygiene. Good hygiene also helps attracting a greater number of customers.

At last, I would like to say, that the business training which I received from Sajan is very productive and fruitful. I will be sharing this informative knowledge with all my family members and will implement in my business from now on. Thanks to Sajan and Slisha Organization for this very useful and productive Training.