Part 9 – My new business expansion

October 2022

It has been six months since my business started and it is running smoothly. But I also wanted to add another business along with this. I thought of an idea for adding local chicken, but sadly I didn’t have money for the investment. Then immediately, I thought of our group loan which could help me out on this. Later, I felt relieved. I thought of talking to Tribina to get advice about my idea. On n the saving meeting I talked with her, and she positively motivated me to continue with the idea and we discussed and planned for the additional business. She helped me to develop a new business plan, and she suggested, I could call and talk to the technical assistant if needed.

On the month of September, I took a loan of Rs 8,000 from a saving meeting. Hence, I’m so thankful to my group which gave me the chance to explore more businesses. Group saving plays a vital role in our life; whenever we need help it fulfills our necessity. According to the plan, I brought twenty local chickens along with their fodder for three months. I was very happy with my decision, and I was sure my small poultry business would run well because I have learnt useful information about livestock. This business can get a profit very fast compared to others, so I decided to give it a try and invest in this business.

After I added the new business, Tribina came to visit my home. I was feeding my chickens. They were growing fast and after Tribina sore that it was going well, she was so happy with my productivity. She also took the picture below. After one week of adding the poultry farm, I started harvesting vegetables in my kitchen garden using chicken manure which will help to save my money from buying vegetables. Since this month, they lay eggs and I can sell them too.

Every single day I think of how to enhance my business. I can say that I will never stop doing business because this is the only way of improving my economic status. I have full faith in myself and I’m going to improve my living standards a little day by day.


Thanks to everyone.