Part 9 – My additional business

October 2022

I was thinking about launching a new additional business. We have actually received training on additional businesses through the business training, but to be very honest, I still have to learn more about the extra cases.

Pabitra came to visit my place and I discussed with her more details about my additional business. She was very happy listening to my views and suggested I should start vegetable farming. Therefore, together with her I have prepared a business plan. As per the plan I needed almost 15000 rupees for the preparation of the tunnel. I decided to prepare a tunnel and after receiving a loan from the group, I went to the market to buy plastic and bamboo for the tunnel. The next morning, I discussed it with my group members and as per their suggestions and supports, I prepared a tunnel and started my organic vegetable farming business. I really hope that after two to three months, I am able to sell my vegetables and have more earnings.

During this period, I have learned much and when I look back, I am not the same Durga. I feel totally different.

It is very true, that if you think whole heartily you will reach what you want. So nowadays I don’t think of any negative words about myself, and I always think, why not me?