Part 9 – PCA (Pocket Chat Analysis)

I have learned so much from the WAWCAS program. We have been educated to do business, and IBT has helped us solving social problems. The different training have helped us in our daily life, daily work, time management, change of habits etc. I can see the change in myself after having joined the WAWCAS program. I feel so lucky to be a part of this program. Among all the things I have learned, PCA (Pocket Chat Analysis) has really helped me in my daily life.

Before the training, I never used to keep accounts of the goods I bought or of any of my income. But since I have learned how to keep accounts of our daily supply and income, it has helped me in so many ways. In the seven days of training Sworup has given us the idea about PCA, its importance and how to use it. At that time, it was very hard for me to remember all the supplies I have bought, but after having learned about the PCA, I have experienced that it is very important to keep accounts.

During the training I learned that the accounts should be regularly updated by myself.
During the training, I got a schedule from SLISHA to register expenses and income on the date of the transaction, and now it is easy to keep account in the book.

We are supposed to make a PCA every three months. But I do my PCA every month. Doing this has helped me to reduce all unnecessary expenses, keep schedule on how much supply we need for our family, and it tells me when I am over my budget.  PCA has helped me saving money. By keeping this kind of account, it is much easier to save money, and it has also helped me managing my money. Before, whenever I had money for household supplies, I bought all the required things at the same time, but after keeping the accounts it helps me to know how much supply I need for a month. PCA have really helped me.

Now, whenever I buy any supplies, I have a habit of keeping accounts of the goods I have bought. Before the training, whenever I had money, I used to buy necessary items, and if I had money left, I used to save that money. But now I can easily calculate the money our household requires and save the rest of the money.

To be honest, nowadays I think twice before I go for marketing – is it necessary?

Before, in many situations I came home with things I strongly feel was not needed. Before I used to turn on the light in a room even though it was empty. Nowadays, I check twice before leaving a room.