Part 10 – Our Dashain…………….

Our greatest Festival, Dashain, was so near to come. This is our greatest festival, and people celebrate it with joy. Every home is cleaned and beautifully decorated, painted as an invitation to mother goddess. I was very confused about what to do. I wanted to be happy, but this Corona, situation kept coming back to my mind – what will happen? And how long will it take? If I get corona, what will happen? All the negative thoughts kept coming to my mind. I was trying to be in a joyful mood and enjoy the moment. Due to the Corona virus, this year Dashain was not as great as any other Dashain I have celebrated. Everyone celebrated with their family. I sold out my two goats for 26000. In this situation, due to the virus, we needed money, and these two goats helped me to celebrate my Dashain. My hands were shaking for a while when I held the money in my hand. My hard work had paid off. I felt extremely happy like having wings to fly. My daughter was so happy that we were going to have a new dress to wear when celebrating the Dashain. I could see a smile on my husband’s face as well.

I still remember the last Dashain, where my daughter asked me to buy new clothes, but I could afford to buy it for her. At that time, I had not enough money. That day I felt bad to see her sad face.

The situation at that time and this situation now really make me so happy that I got a chance to join the WAWCAS program. I am going to make more income through my business. In every Dashain, we used to go to my parents’ house to celebrate, but due to Corona, we celebrate Dashain in our house alone. But hopefully, the Corona pandemic will be over soon, and I will be able to do my business well and meet my relatives and parents again.