Part 8: I am OK

I am happy to be in SLISHA. SLISHA has not only provided me with a loan, so I can run my business, but also helped me in a different way. SLISHA helped me to be a real business woman and taught me to deal with the various social problems through IBT.

Before the WAWCAS program, I was not fully aware of social rights and responsibilities, but after being a chairperson of the WAWCAS group, I have become aware of all these things.

The IBT has helped me in many different ways, i.e. fighting the Corona virus where it helped me me and my family to maintain a proper hygiene of ourselves and our surroundings.

Due to COVID-19 many things have been misbalanced in our area. Luckily, no one have been affected by the virus, but because of the lockdown most of the businesses have been affected. We have been short of food, and a consequence of this is increasing prices of supplies, and this makes it tough for all of us.

Being the chairperson, I am suggesting the members of the group to maintain a social distance and to take precautions to avoid the Corona virus. All supplies for the animals have stopped and are not available in the local market. Everyone is awaiting the end of the lockdown, so that we can all run our businesses properly again.

This information is written by Sworup Karki based on a telephone conversation with Chetana Maya Dhugana on June 11, 2020.