Part 9 – My Important decision

October 2022

I never thought that marriage registration was very important, therefore, I did not register my marriage. I never thought that all official registrations were very important. After 7 years of my marriage, I became aware of the importance of registrations such as marriage, birth, and death registration after our IBT class.  During the training, it was informed that we must register birth, death, and marriage registration. Only then, it will be easy for a child to enroll in the school and also be able to get citizenship, where we need to show a birth registration certificate. Same as the importance of marriage registration. After the training, my inner eyes opened, and decided to go back to the village and get my marriage registration done. Without marriage registration, I cannot get my children’s birth registration certificates. In the training, I informed them that I am going to my village soon and getting my registrations. I got a big clap from my group members. Aliza was very happy about my announcement to go back to the village. Everyone was pushing me to go soon, so that I will have all documents.

On the way back to my cart, I was thinking that I must close my business for a week while going to my village. It will also be good to meet all my relatives while going back. WOW !!! what a decision I have made.