Part 8 – Effective meetings develop leadership

September 2022

To develop a good and effective group everyone must fulfill their responsibilities on time and follow all norms which have been developed and agreed by us, since everyone has participated in the meetings actively. I always participate in discussions and training as per schedule. I am very much aware of how much I have saved and how many installments which need to be paid. I remember when I was in the village, I didn’t trust the groups because I had seen that one of the groups in our village didn’t have any record. Nobody knew where their savings were. Therefore, I was scared to be in the group but now I can say, it is not like that here in our WAWCAS group. We are all aware of, how much money we have saved and who has taken a group loan as well as who has paid. Now I am very clear about why I have stayed in the group. Participating in regular meetings has developed my leadership skills and confidence. One of the most important parts is that we get a chance to chair a meeting. In this way, everybody got a chance to create and develop skills in planning and running a meeting. We have experienced a variety of possible ways of holding a meeting. I always appreciate how much value we got in the group.

To increase the money, you must increase your income. Therefore, I always focus on my business and increasing my income day by day.