Part 8 – My focus on childcare

September 2022

Childcare is the basic rights of children, which they should get. Children are very sensitive at all ages before they turn into adults. Food, home and clothes are basic shelter for every living being on the earth. WAWCAS program manage to provide us IBT (Issued Based Training) every month with new topics. We discuss on those topics which originate from the session of SSA (Social Situation Analysis). Here we talk about different problems, which we are facing or experiencing in our daily life. We get a chance to learn and talk about various issues. On the 25th day of every month we have IBT training. Tribina come with new subjects to discuss with us. She believes that to solve problems we need to discuss them.

This training helps to get knowledge about various things. It works as an advice for us to perform practically. We have done six IBT topics till this date. Among them child rights and child development topics help me a lot to improve my parenting responsibility. There are many activities which I was doing in a wrong way. I hardly spend time with my sons. I never get concern about their study, friends, school surrounding, what problems they are facing and so on. I never used to communicate on such things with them. But after the session of child rights and child development, I realize that if we expect our children to become a successful and responsible person, we should give them time, love, and support, and show them how much we are concerned about them. From this they will learn from us to love, have respect and be a good human being. It will help them to develop emotionally from a young age. We should ask them how their day at school was, what have they learned, what activities did they do and so on. This helps them to reflect on their day and learn from this. We should not lie with them; it causes negative impact on them. Child friendly environment should be created for children at school as well as at home. Children have five ways of developing process which are physical, educational, social, emotional and ethical development. Children have rights to mature on these processes, so it is our duty to provide a suitable habitat for them. Children learn quickly by observing, hearing, motivating, and repeating. We used to compare our child with other children which is a bad way of inspiration. It may build them aggressive and egoistic in nature. We should focus on nutritious foods instead of junk food, motivate them to play different physical games instead of mobile games to develop our child physically, mentally, and socially. If we must teach them why it is good or why it is bad, we should explain the reason. I was very touched when Tribina summarize this by saying; “Everyone wants their children to become a better citizen. Just because you like them to be a better person it is not enough.  It all depends upon how well you behave with them and how well you bring them up. What you grow is what you get. Conduct a discussion on “Children will frame their future on how well we have behaved and nurtured them”.

First, we should find out, what bad behavior we perform in front of them. Then reduce all this bad behavior and focus on good behavior to encourage them to be better. After this discussion I guess I have improved a lot with my responsibility. I thank Tribina for providing such valuable session about children.