Part 8 – Effective Learning on IBT: Sanitation

September 2022

At first, Namaste to all my readers. Talking about my current situation, I am doing pretty fine with my Goat Farming business and new additional Bee Farming Business. One of the mother goats has given birth to 2 baby goats recently. My new Bee Farming business is progressive as number of bees are increasing. Talking about my paddy field, I have finished plucking the weeds for second time with the help of my family and relatives. It was great to see all my loving relatives after such a long time. Besides, I also went to help pluck the weeds of my relatives’ Paddy field in return of their help.

Today I am going to share my experience with learning our Issue Based Training (IBT). The topic of our IBT meeting was “Sanitation”. Before starting the Training, Sajan asked us what we knew about sanitation, and we shared our knowledge based on past experience and learning. After hearing from us, Sajan explained what sanitation really is about and described the importance of sanitation. We had heard this term often before, but when Sajan explained its importance in detail, we realized it is a very serious issue and that we must pay attention to it.

From this training, I also gained knowledge about the different non-communicable and communicable diseases, how they transmit from one person to another person and the precautions that we must take to stay away from different kinds of diseases. I used to take sanitation term very slightly before but after taking the IBT training it opened my eyes. It’s a very serious topic in the current basis because due to lack of proper sanitation, many people in the word are suffering from COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. Therefore, we should take care of our personal hygiene, domestic hygiene, and environmental hygiene. I also learned about management of different waste product of our household. The decomposed waste materials can be made to compost manure and non-decomposed waste product such as glasses and metal products can be buried inside ditch. Talking about this IBT Training on Sanitation topic, it was a great learning experience for me because I gained detailed information about different types of sanitation and the communicable and non-communicable diseases and its precaution which we must pay attention to. Furthermore, the training also gave me great learning about the different types of manure and its management process. At the end of the meeting, Sajan told all of us to practice all the learnings in our daily life and to share our knowledge with our family members and relatives. I would like to thank Slisha organization, and Sajan for sharing and providing this very informative and fruitful Training on Sanitation topic. I promise I will apply all the learnings in my daily life basis and will share to all my family members and relatives.