Part 8: My additional business

All of sudden when I saw Ram Maya is coming to my place I was a bit nervous, but when Ram Maya greet me with a big smile my nervousness was gone. She wanted to know how I am doing with my business. I am so happy because my goat delivered yesterday.

This training has opened my eyes I have committed myself that I will be a successful businesswoman. When I shared that I have a baby he-goat she also looks very happy. She went to see the baby goat and told me if anything happens, please inform to Sudesh who is responsible for livestock. I feel proud and happy how WAWCAS team cares about us which has boosted my energy.

Ram Maya suggested me to start up additional business which will help me to pay back my installments and will get extra income too. What types of additional business should I start? She says that I can also start a small poultry farm for that I can take a group loan. Again my eyes opened and think that I can start local laying chickens so that I can sale the eggs and earn more income wow!!! That’s a really good idea. Since my husband is a carpenter, therefore, I will ask him to make a pen for the chickens.

Ram Maya remind me of the next training date and left encouraging me to start up new additional business. I promised myself that I will start my additional business this month.