Part 10: My experience as a Treasure in the WAWCAS group.

I’ve changed my life. When I look back, I remember those difficult days when it was hard to laugh. But after being selected as a treasurer by Keshav, I was nervous, and he and the group motivated me to fulfill my responsibilities. Without Keshav’s and the women-group encouragement I’ve never reached this life today.

I read and write easily, but I’m unconfident with numbers. So keeping all financial records of the group is not an easy task. I was scared, but I have the commitment to do the task. Keshav taught me a lot.

He always told me that this was a great opportunity to learn, and he was right. I had a great opportunity to learn every time, I did my tasks ex. my passbooks.

My passbooks is a part off the practical, wich have learnt me a lot. I learnt how to fill the saving passbooks, how to make loan, and how to make transparent etc.

The most important learning was kept transparent when we keep everything transparent then I feel that the group is bonding.

I am doing my duty honestly with every saving and repayment meeting. Now I fill the passbook saving, loan ledger and saving ledger. This is my ‘golden opportunity.’ My skills is improving – from this opportunity.

I am not educated, I am just literate but I learn these skills from the WAWCAS training.

I learn more by doing my tasks in practical. Thanks to all my WAWCAS group members who have trusted me with this opportunity. Thank you for the support to our trainer Keshav.