Part 9: A happy and healthy life

Being as a single mother is a tough job in order to take responsibility for the children – and others as well. After having been married, I have spent 22 years of my life being a single mother. It has been tough, and it has been very hard to survive. I have never kept any record of my expenses and income, and sometimes did not know what I used my money for. My income and expenses were never counted.

During the PCA-training I realized that my income is less than my expenses. Through these exercises, I have managed to minimize unnecessary expenses. Before, whenever a guest came to visit me, I used to serve a variety of food to the guests which was very expensive, and I used to get credit in the shop where I buy groceries. BUT we learned that it is not necessary to serve a variety of food for the guests, if we cannot afford it, but just provide the food respectfully. We also learned to have savings before spending money, and therefore I have started to save money and only buy things when I have money. Nowadays, when I have guests, I am not worried to serve simple food, because I do it with a warm smile.

Last month my son got a job in the nepalese army. I cannot express how happy I am for him, and this month he sent me 12,000 rupees, but I will not use his money – I have deposited his salary in the bank, so that he can use it whenever needed. I have minimized my telephone expenses with 1,450 rupees per month. Before I used to talk about unnecessary things with my relatives and friends over the phone and spent almost 2,000 rupees per month to talk. Nowadays, I have minimized not only my telephone expenses, but also my time. This is possible just because of the PCA-training.

I have a dream of expanding my business and have a happy and healthy life.