Part 7: A meeting during COVID-19

It feels like our meeting has been postponed for so long due to COVID-19, though we were in touch with Sworup during the lockdown. Finally, after four months we succeeded carrying through the meeting. Everyone seemed to be happy and energetic during the meeting.

I was so happy to see that everyone was doing ok and was healthy.

Finally, Sworup arrived at the meeting. He asked some of the participants why they were not wearing a mask, and he gave hand gel to all the participants and asked us to use it. He also told us to be cautious because there was still a high risk of virus, though the lockdown is over. There is still a high risk of transmitting the virus, and because the lockdown is over, we should be very cautious.

Before starting the meeting, Sworup requested all of us to maintain at least one meter of distance to the other participants during the meeting. It was a collection meeting, so savings were made, and some of the participants paid the amount of their loan.

Most of the participants had problems in their business due to the lockdown, but thanks to the idea of additional businesses, this helped us so much during this difficult time of COVID-19. Due to additional business we had extra income. Sworup encouraged us all to start our business again. Group loan was invested where necessary.

Before being a part of WAWCAS, we used to stay in the different other groups, but being part of this program, I can see the difference between us. Now we can easily conduct meetings by yourselves. We can even write a minute and take care of other things by yourselves. I have the confidence to run a meeting, and it has also helped me to run the meeting of our “aama Samuha”. To do all the activities of the meeting was tough, but when we practice, we will make a difference.

I really want to thank Sworup who always endeavours to make us more skilled and dependent.