Part 8 – Easy living due to group member’s support

September 2022

During the rainy season most people completed the threshing paddy. But not me. My big worry was how to get time to thresh the paddy. However, I had confidence that I would discuss this during the meeting next day and therefore I felt relaxed and slept well. Early in the morning I completed my household chores and was ready for the meeting. In the meantime Pabitra came and greeted me. I joined Pabitra and we went to the meeting. On the way I discussed with her about my worry to thresh my paddy, and as usual she suggested not to worry and discuss this in the meeting.

After the repayment and saving meeting, I requested time to discuss my problem. My big worry is that since my health is not good, I needed support from my team members to thresh my paddies. Everyone asked what type of help I was looking for. It was not comfortable for me to ask directly for help therefore, I explained my expectation. My group members look at each other for a while and then asked when  I needed support. I said as soon as possible. The group decided to help the next day and each member would support with two-hours of work on my paddies. After listening to our member’s views on the needed support, I was so happy and I felt so proud to be a member of the WAWCAS group. Early in the morning the next day, we started threshing my paddies and by 6 pm we had completed everything.

I thanked them all from the bottom of my heart: Thank You Thank you Thank you