Part 7 – PSRP; my motivational tool

August 2022

Due to being busy with my business, time just flies now. I can see and feel the positive changes in my life day by day, and my working style is different than before. This month Aliza has conducted PSRP, and I can see many positive changes has taken place in my daily life as per plan. Normally we used to eat some vegetables and rice and I used to give junk foods to my kids. After IBT training on nutrition I changed my food style. Now we eat rice, vegetables, dals, and salad. Before I never discussed with my kids regarding what we eat and why. Therefore, my kids never involved themselves in what we were doing for food. After IBT trainings now a days I am consulting even very small things to my kids such as what we should cook, and where to go during holidays. Before when I bought clothes for my kids, they were not happy about it. Now I ask them what to buy, and they are so glad and not costly as before. I can see the increasing intimacy between us, which I am so proud of.Every day, I record profit and loss of my business. Previously, I used to purchase materials without inquiring about the price is other shops. Now I verify the prices in at least 3-4 shops and then purchase from the cheapest one. Regularly, I ask for feedbacks from the customers. Taking their feedbacks positively, I try to make my business better. I had started Chatpate (spicy snack) in a cart. As per the customers’ demand, I have now added Panipuri, recharge cards and chocolates and other items as well. In addition, it has not only enabled me to serve my customers better, but it has also helped me to get new customers and expand my business further.

This tool has motivated me to check where I’m at.