Part 7 – My friend – My diary

August 2022

I got this precious diary on 2nd last day of 7 days training. Tribina gave this diary to every individual of us. She explained how to use it on a daily basis and the importance of diary writing every day. The diary has a page for every date and here we can write what we did, what we are going to do another day, how we feel and what we have achieved that day. We received stickers to post in the diary to remind us of our meetings every month. She taught us that we should use at least half an hour on diary writing. This will help us to keep our thoughts organized, works as a best reminder for years and years, boost our memory, inspire to be creative and so on.  Since that day it has become my closest friend which I adore the most. Every day I give time for myself, which helps me to reflect on myself as a person and work to improve on it. Whenever I feel lonely, sad, or angry I spend time with my diary and feels relieved from my mental stress. It improves my writing skills and even my handwriting is improving now. I can express my feelings in my diary, which I couldn’t express to the people. My diary never judges me.


I have been keeping my daily record of income and expenses. I’m a very forgetful person, so the record helps to remind me and make me realize, how much I spend on buying unnecessary things.

I write my SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis every month. It helps me a lot by decreasing my negative thoughts and behavior. I have set a goal and to achieve that goal the SWOT analysis explain what I should do and what I should not do. I planned according to the mission for each year in my diary.

Every month we have the IBT (Issue Based Training) meeting: We are supposed to take the diary with us to the meeting and show it to Tribina. She will read all of them with a smile on her face. As always, she motivates us to do more and write more. This month I also filled in the form of PCA (Pocket Chart Analysis) and SWOT and I can see the vast difference between now and before. Sometimes I feel proud of myself, and this program has become my helping hand to show me the bright phase of my life today. And I will always be thankful towards the WAWCAS organization.