Part 7 – Namaste to all my readers

August 2022

Talking about the current situation about myself; I am doing fine with my business and with the household works too. Regarding the paddy field, it’s been 1 month since I have planted it and now it is time for plucking the first weed. Therefore I have called some of my neighbors for helping me to pluck the weed in my paddy field. With the help of my neighbors, it took a couple of hours to finish the work. I was very happy to meet my neighbors after almost 1 month of time. We had a very good chat and had lunch together in the paddy field. After finishing the work we went to our respective home.

Me and my husband decided to start an additional business since we both were free at the current time. Finally we decided to do Bee Farming as an additional business. For the startup, we bought 1 Bee Hive to start the business. We also asked the owner about the process and the methodology of doing the Bee Farming business. After getting all the information we placed the bee hive right next to our farm where we also had planted some flowers and mustard flowers. Flowers are the main food source for bee which we have learnt form the owner. It’s been a month and the business is going quite smoothly for now. It will take at least 6 months for harvesting the honey. So we have still 5 months to carry on this business. Meanwhile we are also carrying out our Goat Farming business parallel and it’s going good too. And we are planning to sell one mother goat in the upcoming Dashain and will also add some baby goats. I feel really happy to meet Sajan as he comes to my home every month to hear how I am doing with my businesses, PCA (Pocket Chart Analysis), SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) and PSRP. Beside this, I also share my personal feeling and problems such as my weak financial situation, the legal problems that I am dealing with is that my citizenship card and son’s birth certificate documents is not being made so fast, and my weakness problems such as forgetful, spent drift, believing other people very easily and so on. After hearing all my problems Sajan said that he will help me with making my legal documents as he will speak with an authorized person of Ward office, and then he will coordinate with them to help me. For my weakness part he told me that it will take time to improve my weakness therefore I should never give up hope but instead I must try my best to convert my weakness in to strength. He gives me a very good advice and motivates me to do better in my life. I feel very lucky to be part of the WAWCAS Program.

Thank you!!!