Part 7: Increase in income due to additional business

Last month I was discussing things with Keshav and agreed how difficult it was to manage the home with only one business. It was becoming very difficult to pay my children’s school fees and cover their other needs as well. So Keshav motivated me to start an additional business and I thought a lot about what I could do. One day after lunch, when I was washing the dishes at home, one of the neighbouring sisters came round and asked me if I was interested in working on making balls. I did not know anything about it, but since I am always interested in learning something new and working hard, I thought I could learn how to do it. So I asked her what was involved, and she told me that there would be one day of training the next day. Next day, feeling very excited, I went to the training venue, where there were other sisters who had also come to learn. I worked very hard and learned everything that was taught very carefully. Due to my hard work and dedication to learning, I was praised and told I was the best in the class. This gave me huge motivation and I was very happy. Right after the training, I was given the job of making balls. I am told the size of the ball that is required and I make it accordingly. All the raw materials needed to make the balls are provided by sir. I have been so good and consistent with my work that I am now sir’s right hand. This makes me very happy and proud.

I have utilized my time in the best possible way. After I cook food in the morning and send my daughter to school, I immediately start work. When I get spare time after taking care of the chickens, I start working again. Even after having dinner at night, I work for a while before sleeping. So this way, I don’t waste my time at all.

I have been utilizing my time in a very productive way making balls. I also earn an additional 15,000 to 16,000 a month, which has made it easy for me to manage my household. Now I can easily pay my child’s school fees and afford our other needs. I have become busy these days because of my additional business. One of the best things I have realized is that being busy helps us to become positive and happy, and have a goal-oriented life. We will not have spare time to think unnecessarily about any negative thoughts.Our mind will be at peace and only think about work. Moreover, based on my experience, I can say that it’s better to be engaged in an additional business. This way we will have two sources of income and can use our time productively by staying busy. I urge and motivate other sisters to get involved not just in one, but in an additional business as well, if possible. 

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