Part 6: The horrible days ….

Two days after the lockdown Sworup called me and asked me which problems we were facing due to the lockdown. At that time, I did not realize that the lockdown would last so long, but whenever Sworup called me, I felt good.

Due to the lockdown, many problems have been created. The main problem for my business was that there was not enough food for my animals as well as for my family. The whole village was suffering from this problem. Some of us got food provided by the government.

This is the most horrible period I have ever been facing in my life. This situation gives us bigger problems than the earthquake in 2072. We cannot get together with other people, but although I am working in the field planting maize. Sworup told me not to go out, that I should wash my hands and so on. Yes, I do wash my hands, but I also work in the field.

Although I am managing my business, other people have difficulties running their business, mainly poultry. But an even bigger problem is that some of them do not have enough food. Those who can help others are helping them, but everyone is in a critical situation. Sworup told me not to panic and to stay home with my family. Sworup called me every week to check up on our situation.

Thank you Sworup for encouraging and supporting us.