10: I am confused…

When thinking about the present situation, I am confused. People are saying so many different things about COVID-19. I really do not know how things will develop and what will happen… how will this COVD-19 end? I am engaging in my small piece of land, harvesting rice and raising my goats, but I really do not know how this situation will end.   

Our government has finally ended the lockdown, and slowly the situation is going back to normal. The local shops have reopened, and public transportation has resumed. We are talking about the COVID-19 situation of my country. Even though the lockdown has ended, the number of infected patients has been increasing rapidly and the number of dead people is increasing. Therefore, whenever I leave my village, I put on my mask and maintain a social distance. After reaching my destination, I wash my hands with soap and water. Whenever I meet with my WAWCAS group members in my village, we often talk about the current situation of COVID-19 and its safety measures and precautions we have learned before lockdown in IBT Training. To be honest, COVID-19 has taught us many good things, especially regarding personal hygiene.  

Since our major festival “Dashain” is approaching, I am planning to sell my goats and from that money I will purchase the required food items for the festival. But I do not see any festive mood/flavor in my area. Everyone is waiting for things to return to normal as before COVID-19.  

Due to the COVID -19 situation, my son is staying with me, and he is helping me with my business and farming too. Hopefully, he will return to Kathmandu after the festival and continue studying. The daily required food commodities are available again after the lockdown. The vitamins and medicine for my goats is also accessible. My goats are healthy and have grown quite big, and I am also planning to buy some baby goats to extend my business after Dashain. Regarding my small piece of land, I have planted rice about three months back, and now it is almost ready for harvesting. We have removed weeds four times so far, and we will be harvesting our rice after Dashain. Thanks to Sajan who is always supporting and visiting us.