Part 5 – We follow our schedule

September 2023

Reviewing the last issued-based training session focused on sanitation. During the home visits about sanitation, children shared everything they had learned in the session with their family members and urged their loved ones to incorporate these practices into their daily lives. They began to make changes in their daily routines. I observed improved hygiene among the children and cleaner households compared to before. They started taking care of their personal hygiene, household cleanliness, and environmental hygiene. They set up two types of bins in their homes, one for biodegradable waste and another for non-biodegradable waste. Moreover, they are planning to participate in their village’s environmental cleanup program during the upcoming “Dashain” festival vacation. Their parents remain as appreciative as before, expressing gratitude towards me and requesting regular classes for their children. Witnessing the positive transformations in my group of children and the parent’s response fill me great satisfaction and joy.

Noticing that most of the time the children in my group were engaged in play while their parents were being occupied with their own tasks, I decided to conduct the next class on the topic of time management.

Before delving into the subject, I posed a question to all the children: “What is the one equal resource that nature has provided us all?” In response, each child provided different answers based on their reasoning, but none of them thought about time. Perceiving their confusion, they turned to me for an answer. I explained, “Time is the equal resource that nature has granted to all of us”. Upon hearing this, they all grasped the concept and seemed satisfied. I then posed another question: “What roles have we been playing so far?” Once again, everyone gave varying responses. After hearing each child, I prompted them to consider the connection between time and these roles. In response, the children shared their opinions. I emphasized that each of us has distinct roles within our families, and it is our responsibility to fulfill these roles accordingly. We cannot juggle different roles simultaneously. Therefore, we must manage our time for every relationship we have. I stressed the importance of communication, urging them to talk to relevant individuals and discuss problems. I emphasized the need to share both the positive and negative aspects of our lives and our future aspirations with our parents; only the can we strengthen our bonds further.