Part 5 – Life becoming more easy

September 2023

Life is becoming easier for me. After completing a 7-day training program, I followed my business plan and opened my own vegetable shop. Despite receiving extensive training, I found it challenging to sell vegetables at first. I would often feel uneasy and nervous when it came to taking action or speaking to customers. However, with practice, it became much easier for me.

Currently, I earn around 500-800 rupees per day from my shop. I run a vegetable shop four days a week, located in two different Hat Bazars. I purchase the vegetables from the wholesale market and sell them to customers. Since I started my own business, my life has become much easier. I am now able to send my children to school regularly, which brings me great joy. To my surprise, my husband has been very supportive of my business and seems much happier. Additionally, he has significantly decreased his alcohol consumption, which is a positive change.

In a short period of time, I have noticed significant changes in my life that I never expected. My husband and I used to argue over small things, and he would often scold and beat me. However, since our trainer started making regular visits and discussing things with him, he has changed for the better. Now, he is much more positive and understanding towards me.