Part 4 – Celebrated Chaucharan Festival

September 2023

There is a festival in the southern part of Nepal, similar to Teej, called Chachuchran. This year I was very excited to participate in the festival. During Chachuchran, women have the responsibility of preparing meals. To ensure that the meals are cooked efficiently and kept hygienic, I have constructed a brand new stove. In addition, women are required to fast for the entire day as part of the festival tradition. This year, I am celebrating the festival with enthusiasm since I have started my own business and can afford to do so without taking any loans.

Chachuchran is a celebration of the worship of Lord Ganesha and the Moon God. It takes place on the fourth day (Chaturthi) of the moons increasing phase (Shukla Paksha) in the Hindu lunar month, the sixth month of the Hindu calendar (Bhadrapada), usually falling in September or August.

The priest set the date for the Chaurchan puja for September 19, 2023. On 18th of September, we were very busy with the cleaning and shopping for the festival. The story behind the festival goes back to to a moment when Lord Ganesha accompanied by his faithful vehicle, the mouse, was once wandering on Kailash. Suddenly, he noticed Chandra Deva (the moon god) laughing at him. Perplexed, Lord Ganesha asked about the reason for his laughter. Chandra Deva explained that he found Lord Ganesha’s appearance amusing.  During this encounter, Lord Ganesha revealed his true form and expressed his displeasure towards Chandra Deva’s continuous ridicule. Consequently, Lord Ganesha cursed Chandra Deva, stating that his previous arrogance about his looks and attractiveness would now mean nothing as he would now appear unattractive henceforth. People would unfairly assume him to be a criminal, even if he had done nothing wrong. Chandra Deva’s pride was shattered upon hearing the accusation. He sincerely repented and begged Lord Ganesha to lift the curse. Touched by Chandra Deva’s genuine remorse, the compassionate Lord Ganesha forgave him. However, the curse could not be entirely lifted, and it was determined that anyone who saw the moon god during Ganesh Chaturthi would suffer its effects. To prevent false accusations, the people of Mithila and Newar communities worship the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi evening.


We prepared rice pudding and other delicious foods for the celebration. My sister-in-law and I fasted and worshipped the moon. We strongly believe that our wishes will be fulfilled if we worship especially on this day. During my puja, I sincerely prayed to God for the well-being, serenity, and joy of our family. After the puja, the whole family gathered together, and we enjoyed a delicious meal.


Thank you.