Part 4 – See lights inside me

September 2023

The 7 Days Training enlightened me in my inner side. It seems like, I have swept my darkness away and know I see lights everywhere inside me.

I never imagined that we could gain such valuable knowledge in just one week of training. Every piece of the content was extremely beneficial, and all the tools proved to be highly effective.


Our trainer visited my home a few days later to check up on my business progress. I showed him my goats and promised to follow the business plan.  He saw my shed and suggested to keep the shed dry. He also reminded me to call Sudesh, the senior technical assistant (STA) of Slisha, and he asked me to call him if I got any kind of problem related to the goats. I am so happy that he reminded me that we have the possibility to consult with the TA if we have any problems, which I have not forgotten since.

I believe that all women in communities should receive this type of training, and not just those in need like me. The training I received taught me a lot and helped me change my behavior. It boosted my confidence and eliminated my darkness.