Part 3: Inspiring training..

I was eagerly awaiting the 7-day WAWCAS training as I have never attended any training in my life. I was a little excited and scared at the same time because everything was new and the first time for me. Finally, the first day of training came. The first day of training started with a new method of introduction; picture matching. I like this method of introduction very much and I find it unique too because generally whenever we introduce ourselves, we say our name, address, profession and so on. In the picture matching method of introduction, first I needed to find the other person that had the same picture as me. After finding my partner we needed to learn about each other so that when our turn came for the introduction, I introduced my partner first and then they introduced me to the rest of the group. From this method of introduction what I liked most was that I made a new friend and that I got to know her as well as her likes and dislikes.

Generally, I found the 7-day WAWCAS training very rewarding and productive. All of the content and topics of the training were really useful and directly relevant to our daily activities. Among the different games played in training, I liked the color touching game very much. It was really fun and the lesson of the game was really impressive and touched me. The lesson that I learned was that we all have the qualities and resources within ourselves to do better in life, but we never look at ourselves. Instead we always look to others, what they are doing and we follow them. Therefore, from now on we must explore the qualities and resources within ourselves, utilize them and move on.

Another rewarding topic for me was the business plan. Filling out the form helped me to get the roadmap of my business that I am going to start soon. During the preparation of the plan, I also learned about the profit and loss of my business. Finally, on the last day of training, I got the seed money that I requested earlier for goat farming. I will use this seed money for my business.

I would like to thank the WAWCAS team for conducting such a wonderful training and helping me both socially and economically. And I am looking forward to seeing what I learn next.