Part 14: Celebrated Christmas with joyful and happiness

I was excited for Christmas. Like last year, my family and I were planning to celebrate this festival with joy and happiness. My daughter, husband and I bought new clothes for Christmas.

The experience meant a lot to us, to be able to buy new clothes and celebrate Christmas with friends and family. It gives me so much joy to share the variety of food-dishes, praying to the lord and just celebrate happily with new friends at the merriment festival.

We really enjoyed the festival and were exited to celebrate after planning 3-4 days with friends.

Every day I woke up early and I went to Church as my friends gave me a big responsibility to manage the Christmas program at church and also food for everyone. We organized balloon bursting game for children and managed to gift a child who came first in this game. My daughter also participated in this game and enjoyed the game a lot, seeing her entertained I was happy as well. Along with the game, we organized a dance program in which many children participated. Not just for children we arranged Quiz competition for parents where we asked 15 different questions such as, in which structure lord make a human being? In heaven, there is a very beautiful garden called Adam Garden, how that will have cared?

On this day around 200 people gathered in a church and had a wonderful and tasty meal which we prepared. And at last, we end this grand program with everyone dancing and singing. The environment was full of fun, everybody enjoyed the Christmas festival. In my sponsorship, I gifted one person who gave the most correct answers to the questions in Quiz competition. I was grateful to be able to help another person out, and to complete all the work a day before.