Part 14: My Dream Project

To build a house is not very easy, but I do not give up. I am so happy that I have started to build my own house. I am working even harder now to complete my house. It is very tough to run a business AND build a house alone. I have never tried it before, so I actually don’t know how much wood and how many bricks I need. Building my own house is a dream come through. During the seven days of training, I learned about time management and prioritization of the work. Building the house is my top priority. To succeed with this, I made a construction plan and a business plan. Preparing to sell my next goat is a part of my plan and likewise when to buy CGI sheets and when to buy cement. I discussed a lot with the carpenter and the construction workers. Based on their suggestions, I have preparing it all, but sometimes I am confused, and sometimes I am too tired, but I have not given up. After the earthquake, I want to make my house, but no one is ready to support me. I have asked for a loan from the bank, but it was not possible. After becoming a member of the WAWCAS group, I have started my business which is growing very well, and now I carry through my dream project.

My dream project will be completed soon. WOW!!! I am so happy about that. Before becoming a member of the WAWCAS group, I spent many days starving and struggling. Now I want to live an easy and happy life. Every day I promise myself to be happier than yesterday.