Part 2 – Waiting for the next steps in the process

July 2023

When I returned home after the third Information Sharing Meeting (ISM), my husband also arrived home from his work. I shared with him the WAWCAS Program and how women have started their businesses and have changed their lives. I also told him that Sima (our trainer) promised us, she would come to our home tomorrow morning. My husband was also happy and asked many questions.  I was a little bit nervous having Sima coming to our home. At 9:00 am the next morning my children had gone to school after eating our common Nepali food Dalbhat, and my husband had also left for work. I was cleaning my dishes. Suddenly I saw a person coming to our home. I was really happy to see Sima in our home. She said ”Namasker Didi” to me, and I also said “Namasker” to her.

I gave her a small straw mat to sit on and Sima asked me for a glass of water so I gave her a bottle of water. I don’t have a proper kitchen in our home, so I cook food in the open place. I showed her our room and the open place where I cook every day. We talked about so many things.

Sima asked me how I felt about the WAWCAS Program and what I learned during the ISM. I told her that I am very happy and excited. I trust that the programme will give me huge opportunities to start up my business and many more things. She also asked me how my husband felt about the WAWCAS Program. I replied to her that I shared everything with my husband, which I had also learned in the ISM meeting. Now he was very excited and happy for me because I am going to be a member of the WAWCAS Program.

Sima asked me about my family members and how my in-laws behave towards me. I told her that my in-laws have passed away and my husband is helpful. He helps me with every work, but I can’t share the whole thing with him, and he doesn’t share with me. I also shared with Sima that he used to drink a lot of alcohol in the evening. Therefore, I face much violence as well as mental and economic violence daily. I noticed that Sima became very sad when she understood my situation.

She asked me what type of business I will start.  I have been thinking about it, and I told her that I want to do goat farming. It is only my wish, and I don’t have a lot of knowledge about raising goats. I thought goat farming was a good idea as there is plenty of grass in our forest. Sima also reminds me about livestock training. She told me this training was going to be helpful for the business.

Sima informed me of the process of the programme and she promised to inform me of the next meeting which would come soon.

I am very happy and waiting for the next steps in the process.