Part 2 – Social Situational Analysis (SSA) and Indicator Development (ID)

July 2023

We began the meeting with a review of the last meeting. The children shared everything that they learned in the last meeting and what they had shared with their families and friends. I told them about today’s meeting objectives. Before starting the programme, we needed to conduct SSA with them where we should focus on issues at their home, school, and communities. Hence, I clearly explained to them the objectives of the SSA and informed them that we would maintain privacy and do not disclose the name to anyone so that they can discuss it without any stress.


Problems in the family:

• Quarrel between mom and dad
• Work pressure from family- needs to do most of the household chores
• Do not have a proper environment for study
• Time not given by parents
• Financial crisis so they don’t get pocket money


Problems in the community:

• Bad friend circles
• Discrimination between low cast and high cast
• Dominating behavior of well-off families
• Calling by bad nicknames


Problems in school:

• Inappropriate touching from teachers
• Lack of sanitation especially in the toilet
• Lack of proper drinking water
• Bullying
• Calling by bad nicknames
• Forcing them to do bad behaviors such as beating and stealing
• Teachers are not coming on time
• Unfair treatment from the teacher

In addition to collect all the problems from the children, I requested them to categorize their issues into “Now”, “Soon” and “Later”. Everyone agreed to address the issues from family, school, and community.