Part 2 – My hopes

July 2023

After participating the Information Sharing Meeting (ISM) of the WAWCAS Program I was looking forward to start my own business, but our trainer explained that there are many processes and preparations before starting the business. I am so happy that Slisha/WAWCAS have entered our community and that we can start our business soon.  Today, Nabahadur (our trainer) visited my house, and we discussed many topics. He asked many questions such as “how many people are we leaving in the house”, and “how do people perceive us since we are Dalit”.  I don’t know how to share those things, but I shared with him about my worries.

Being a Dalit woman, I am not allowed to enter other so-called high-caste people’s houses. They always treat me as if I am not a human being. This hurts a lot. Therefore, I told Narbahadur about the social and mental violence imposed by the so-called high-caste people in our community. I asked him if this situation can change. Narbahadur responded “Yes, definitely”.  First, I have to think that I need to change those situations from my heart and mind and then try slowly. And we will also discuss those issues in Issue Based Trainings (IBT).


After listening to him, I can’t wait for a change to the better. I have started visioning eating together with so-called high-caste people. They treat us differently even though they are also poor like me. But still, they behave as if they are different from me.