Part 1 – My courage to join WAWCAS

I am Sushila Devi Hajara and I belong to the Dalit community. I am 32 years old, and I have 5 children: three daughters and two sons. In our culture a son is very important and therefore, after three daughters, we waited for our son. Now we have two sons. My husband is working in a brick factory in Kerala India. Due to being deep in poverty, my daughter who is 14 years old is also working as a housemaid in Hetunda.

For me, to become an entrepreneur and start my own business was beyond my imagination. In the beginning, I was reluctant because if we don’t work, we cannot feed our children and ourselves. My husband is in India, but he is not sending money and that’s also making me stressed. My daughter wanted to go to school but must work as a housemaid. We have not contacted her since February 2023.

The trainer told us about the WAWCAS program and its objectives. And she also gave us some examples of women who started business in January/February 2023. Now my thinking has been changed. I did not participate in the Information Sharing Meeting (ISM) but the trainer came to my house to ask why I did not participate in the meeting. Very honestly speaking, before I never thought that the program was for us, and I didn’t know how to manage it. But now I have the courage.

When the trainer left, I took care of my daily work. But my mind was not focused. I am thinking a lot and seeing some women who started the business two months back. They are earning quite well, so I decided to visit them to discuss how they manage and many more aspects.


Dear Readers,

Hi, I am Sangeeta Singh Thakuri and I have worked as a Local Program Leader (LPL) in the WAWCAS Program for almost one year in the Rautahat District. I am writing the blog of Sushila Devi Hajara. I will be writing her blog for 16 months on 16 different topics. After seeing and observing her situation I feel a big responsibility to change her socio–economic situation and I commit myself to change her life.


Sangeeta Singh Thakuri


Rautahat District