Part 2: I am in the WAWCAS group

I was eagerly awaiting the next meeting after I was selected into the WAWCAS team. Finally, the day which I was waiting for had come. The meeting was quite different than the previous ones. In the previous meeting, Sajan had informed me about the Slisha Organization and the WAWCAS program in detail, but at this meeting we reflected on economic status. Sajan asked us about the indicators of ultra-poor, poor and medium poor. We never think about it, therefore I didn’t know what to say. Sajan gave the example that if you are sick and you don’t have money for treatment. Then all of the WAWCAS women were talking to each other and I was thinking to myself that I belong to the ultra-poor no doubt.  Then we had to define the indicators of ultra-poor, poor, medium poor and not poor in detail and put our names up according to our economic status. He also asked for suggestions on how to upgrade and improve our present economic status after joining the WAWCAS team. I found this meeting more effective and fruitful because in this meeting I got the chance to realize and reflect on my economic status which I had never done before.  

Moreover, in this meeting, I realized my sources of income and also sources of expenses. Due to more expenses than income, I was in debt and my economic condition, as well as relation withmy family members was worsening day by day. I still remember when my husband used to scold and treat me badly and our children were dissatisfied with me because I was not able to fulfill their needs. Now, I am hoping to start a new business from the seed money given to me and I hope I will fulfill all the needs of my children and will maintain the good social and economic relation in my family.