Part 14: What an interesting discussion..

I was attending a meeting with the WAWCAS group. There is a rule that if we are late to a meeting, we have to pay a fine.

The atmosphere at the meeting was good. People were smiling, laughing and discussing. I had the feeling that something special was about to happen.

Thank god I attended the meeting in time to hear the news. I said hello to my friends and asked if they knew what was going on. The information from the chairman was that we would finish the regular meeting, and then he would share the news with us.

I was not happy about this information, but I had to wait.

With support from Ram Maya, all repayments and saving were done, and everyone paid as per schedule.

I also got my passbook back after registration of my savings. I was so curious to hear about the news that I had to ask again. Our chairman shared the news with a big smile. He told us that we had started our businesses almost a year ago, and everyone now has their own business. We were told that our savings and business is going good, and we have also learned a lot through the IBT training. All our WAWCAS members were very happy. To be more experienced we discussed to make visits outside the Lamjung district. When I heard that, I was so excited and asked how much it was expected to cost. Ram Maya told us that it depended on where we wanted to go. The members of the meeting were so noisy, and everyone seems very excited.

One of my friends asked Ram Maya whether we could get support from the office.  She immediately responded “it is not possible to get that kind of support for the visits, but I will join you personally”. Everyone agreed to visit Chitwan the coming week. It was also decided to collect seven thousand rupees each. Then we structured the visit plan and divided responsibilities between us. We also discussed, and agreed, to whom we reported. The discussion was very interesting, and we went home happy and with new energy.