Part 1: Very Interesting…

I am Chetana Dhungana. I live in Sundarbazzar Ward no. 3 (Chaynptta) with my husband and 2 children. My husband works as a farmer and my son 16 years old study in grade 10, daughter is 5 years old study in KG.

Last week from ward member I heard about Slisha’s WAWCAS program and got to know that there will be a meeting next week, therefore, I have decided to participate in the meeting. I was curious and excited to know about WAWCAS program.

In the meeting, there was a two-person standing and waiting for people to come. After 10 min. waiting for the meeting was started with the introduction. Sworup gave a brief introduction to WAWCAS program. Sworup says the real meaning of WAWCAS and he focused that women’s work is not recognized therefore to recognize the women’s work the program name has been decided WAWCAS and he ask us how you all feel about it.  I really like the name WAWCAS when I listen to the meaning of WAWCAS from Sworup it touched my heart. He informed us that if you are selected as WAWCAS member you have to start a business. He also has shown different women’s stories I was so happy and satisfied by the words. This is what I wanted. Lastly, he asked our location and told us he will be in our house within 2 days.

Dear Readers,

Hello, I as Sworup Karki. I joined a slisha in 2019 January. I am so happy that I got a chance to learn a lot from the program. I wanted to thanks Chetana Dhungana to letting me to write a blog and for her time. For 16 months I will be writing her experience. Thank You.

Sworup Karki – Local Program Leader (Trainer); Lamjung.