Part 16 – My review of this journey

May 2023

I feel like I have joined this program very recently, but it has been 16 months already. Time flies really fast. Right now I am overwhelmed to express my mixed feelings. I have come this far, which I never thought I could. You know my all ups and downs, which I have faced throughout this journey. Now I believe in myself and know I can defeat every obstacle coming in my direction. I feel so amazed looking back at myself – how I was before joining the program and how I have become now. As a chairperson in the group, I experience both sweet and sour behavior, and it uplifted my self-esteem to deal with any kind of challenges. So basically, I have learned from my mistakes.

Both 7- and 4-days training, all the IBT (Issue Based Training) topics, meetings and home visit have developed my social and economic knowledge, which helps me to level up my existence. Accordingly, tools like PCA (Pocket Chart Analysis), SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), PSRP (Participatory Self-Review Programme) and diary writing also has brought improvement with my unmanaged behaviors. The most important thing is that I prioritize my work and manage time. I have come to realize the value of time. I can see the positive changes in others women in the group also, it’s all because of this program. I hope I could become an inspirable person, even if it’s for one person only. We all know we cannot be part of WAWCAS again because it is once in a life program, but we still wish to be part of this program again and again. We are really happy knowing about local NGO. Tribina told us we are going to become part of the WAWCAS Lamjung organization. I really like the concept of this, and I think we found a good path leading us forward.  It is going to enhance empowerment of the women. It gives us hope of opportunity and chance to transform our situation. So, we are truly looking forward to be in the Local NGO.

I have a huge responsibility of my group and I’m going to fulfill it with all my dignity. I have a vision of where I will be in three years: I have planned to increase number of goats and I will operate the goat farm along with a chicken farm as well. I know it won’t be easy, but now I have the confidence to do it. I will always work hard and chase my dream until I get there. Hopefully, I will become a successful business woman and enhance my economic status as a wealthy woman.  I have developed a strong bond with Tribina, so I’m feeling a little bit sad that we won’t be close like we are now. She always says that she will always be there for us and we can call her any time if we need.

I can never thank enough the WAWCAS organization and the program for providing us with this beautiful opportunity. I’m so grateful for this amazing experience. WAWCAS program converted me into the best version of myself. I would not be here without the Slisha organization and support of Tribina. Since this will be my last blog, I would like to thank my readers and I hope you appreciate it.


Dear readers,

First of all, I want to thank Sunita B.K for sharing her life’s circumstances as I got a chance to learn so much from her. I feel so pleased to see positive changes in her and I’m sure she will do more and achieve more in the future. I would like to thank Slisha for providing this chance and also I would like to thank our readers who have been connected through this journey.

Thank you!


Kind regards,

Tribina Budhathoki

LPL, Lamjung