Part 16 – I am different

May 2023

Time just flies. It’s been 16 months already since we started in the WAWCAS program and started our business. During the review, all members discussed our achievements and the problems we faced. Looking at my situation I must say this whole year (Jestha to Baisakh) has been a very fruitful and productive year. After 7 years of ruining here and there I managed to start my business which is amazing. This year have also been a learning year. I learned so much and all the training are so effective. Most importantly business visits and home visits are so effective. Our trainer makes me so powerful and she made the training very easy by teaching different methods.

The whole year, I participated in all the trainings through PCA, SWOT, and PSRP exercises. I can feel many positive changes in me. I listen properly when other people speak and most importantly, I can convince others if something is needed. Seeing my confidence and self-reliant, family members including my husband, looked at me differently and they trust me and believe me. I am happy.

I have a clear vision and to fulfill my vision I develop my plan and implement it regularly, which has helped me to move ahead.  During this Nepali New Year, I visited my parents and saw many opportunities for businesses there.  In Kathmandu due to new norms, we are not allowed to have our cart on the street. It was tough whereas in Beltar but I should not worry about it. I also found a good School where I can send my children to.

I have decided I will go to my parents’ place and will run the business there. I am sure I can sustain my business there which also will inspire other women like me. I commit myself that I will transfer my skills and knowledge to needy women like me. I am sure they will also be self-reliant through small business.

It has been a big opportunity for me to be a member of WAWCAS and this is my last blog. Therefore, I would like to thank all the people who have read my story. Special thanks go to the founders of the WAWCAS program and the Slisha organization. This program contributes to developing self-reliant, courageous women, which is so appreciated and needed.


Dear Readers,

First, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all readers and special thanks go to Binita. We have a very good bond together, like sisters. During these periods she trust me and share everything I have also learned so much from her, and we shared our sorrow and happiness together. Binita is moving to her parent’s place and will start her business there. I am sure she will be a good inspiration for many women. I hope you have enjoyed reading her stories. Once again thank you.


Aliza Khapangi