Part 16 – My 16 Months Journey

May 2023

At First Namaste to all my readers. It’s my last blog of 16 month, therefore today I am going to share about my 16 months journey being in WAWCAS Program. It feels like yesterday when Sajan came to me and asked to share my experience. Sajan asked my approval to post my blog in WAWCAS International webpage. I was not sure how it will go at that time, but he told me that it’s a blog of my 16 months of experience in WAWCAS Program. Time flies very fast, because I have already completed the 16 months of my Journey. To see the changes, I’ve made from the time I started joining the WAWCAS program till today is amazing. I feel happy and blessed. If I had to compare myself from then and now, I have development so much personal and business wise.

This WAWCAS program has opened my eyes, and I am very happy to be part of the WAWCAS family. Now my confidence level has increased, and I talk to my children about how they feel. They now share things with me too. Before they never used to share with me what happened in their lives or how they felt. During the WAWCAS training I learned how to behave towards my children, which had helped me very much.

Talking about the other aspect of the WAWCAS program, I learned a lot through our fun and discussions. The seven days of training and IBT that we received was very good and fruitful. I have never felt tired or bored during the training. Another inspiring exercise which I liked the most was PCA, SWOT, PSRP and dairy writing. The PCA exercise helped me to control unnecessary expenses, the SWOT exercise helped me to change my bad behaviors and increase the good behaviors, and I learned to grab the opportunities at the right time and deal with the hurdles that comes into our lives while carrying out our business. The dairy writing exercise was also very fruitful to me, as I can express all my feelings and record all the income and expenses in the diary.

The 7-Days training, 4-Days Livestock Training and monthly IBT Training we received was so good and fruitful. We never felt tired or bored during the training. My husband has changed a lot. He is very supportive now. Sajan was always motivating and encouraging him to change.  I feel so good. Thank you so much Sajan who has always been with me on my journey. He shared with me, and he has been writing my story.

I would also like to share my next 3-years plan. Me and my husband are planning to expand our goat farming and additional Bee Farming Business as well. We are planning to sell our 2 mother goats and will purchase the other 4 baby goats to start and expand the goat farming business. And also, we are planning to purchase 2 bee hives to extend our bee farming business as well.

I am very grateful to the WAWCAS program and Slisha Organization for showing me the right path and for supporting me. Without the help of the Organization and the support from Sajan, I would never have come to this point of my life. So once again, thank you for your help and support. Since this will be my last blog, I would like to thank all of you who have followed my 16 months of ups and downs on the WAWCAS journey.


Dear Readers

Now it is time for me to say goodbye on the behalf of Radha Joshi and myself. I am sure that you have all enjoyed reading Radha Joshi’s ups and downs on her 16 months of journey in WAWCAS Program. I am pretty sure that she will be doing very well in future. I see a lot of confidence, learning and positive changes within her. Thank you!!


Yours Sincerely

Sajan Shakya

Team Leader, Lamjung