Part 16 – My Journey

May 2023

Time flies. It has already been 16 months since I became a member of the WAWCAS group. Before I had no idea what would happen in the group and how it would go. Now I feel how much I have learned and how much my life has changed. My level of confidence is high. Before I hardly talked with others. I was so scared to talk with anyone. Now I am able to discuss logically. This is the result of being a WAWCAS member. Through this program, my social and economic status has changed a lot.

Due to COVID, WAWCAS could not starts in our area, but finally after two years I got a chance to be a member of WAWCAS. Now I feel so proud even though I am not educated. I learned so much. One of the best tool is PCA (Pocket Chart Analysis).  I discussed this tool with my relatives as well. I feel so lucky to learn and start a business. Now I am sure my future will be secured, and I should not worry about it.

Our members have supported me in many ways. They helped me threshing the paddies and we completed the threshing on the same day. Without assistance from my group members, I cannot finish my work. And last month when my mother passed away, all WAWCAS group members came and helped me and stayed with me.

My goat farming and vegetable farming business are going well. My three years plan is to expand my business to have two vegetable farms and also farming 8-10 goats. 300,000 rupees will be my saving. I believe that I can take good care of my younger brother. After my mother passed away, he became more aggressive, but I am dealing with it in a good way.

I want to thank the WAWCAS program and Slisha. I understand from Pabitra, we will have our own LNGO, and I will be a member of WAWCAS Tanahun soon. I am excited and cannot wait to be a member of WAWCAS Tanahun.



Dear Readers,

I am very happy to write Durgas’ blog. She looks like my own elder sister. Whenever I visit her place she always shares her happiness, sorrow, and grief. I feel so good and happy to see her change and show her trust in me. I would like to thank Durga and would like to express my best wishes for her future. I am sure she can inspire many other women in the community.


Pabitra Pariyar