Part 15 – My New Year Tour: Most memorable trip

April 2023

This Nepali New Year, we have decided to visit my parent’s village Beltar I have not been there since 2011. It has been 12 years now, and I am very excited to visit my parent’s village and meet them again. 1st of the Baisakh there is a big festival going on, therefore, we have decided to participate in the festival. My parents were so happy when they heard that I was coming to visit them with my children.

The festivals of Nepal are known for their exhilarating, colorful, and thrilling experiences. Each year, numerous festivities take place according to time and season. It is exciting to see how unique yet similar each festival is. These festivals, also popularly known as ‘Jatra’ are often celebrated with elaborate feasts, music, and enthusiastic observers. However, festivals have a deeper meaning than their feasts and celebrations.

These festivities have cemented the strong and vital bonds between individual members in a community as well as a nation. Most of these festivals can be traced back to a thousand years and they still carry a huge significance today. Although the origin story behind these festivals may have several interpretations, making its actual origin hazy, people still strictly follow the rituals as it was passed down from generation.

I am so happy that me and my children can visit my parents and their village and enjoy it. Most importantly, I can spend time and money. The whole night I spend chatting with my parents and they asked me many questions and I explained them about my business and WAWCAS group. They were amazed and asked me if it is possible to start that program here. I had no idea; therefore, I said that I would discuss it with our trainer Aliza. The next morning after breakfast, we visited ‘Jatra’ place. I could see lots of changes and many shops. I was also thinking that I should also have a shop here during the festival. Then it hit me, because if I have my own shop here at my parents’ village, then how do I enjoy it.

Time goes so fast, and it has been 10 days now and I am planning to leave next Sunday. This trip has been the most memorable trip of my life. To leave again was tough. My mother prepared a special food for us and handed it over to me. My mother asked me to come again soon and we departed each other with full of joy and happiness.